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    Very long rendering and some lagging


      Hello, I edit video as every day, but today my premiere have small lags when i zoom video ro doing other effect and the video is being rendered very long (50-55 minutes) But when i go export another similar project, my export is (+- 11 minutes) So i take my project to my notebook and there is video and project work normally and video was rendered about 9 minutes.. Can you help me please ? (and sorry for my bad english:D) Výstřižek.PNG

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          kulpreet singh Adobe Employee

          Hi vladimírl52543476,


          Rendering time depends entirely on what is going on in the Sequence. Small changes can make big differences in the render time.

          Have you tried exporting the same project/sequence with the same Sequence settings?

          It (render time) also depends on the system specifications of your machines. Do you have the exact same horsepower on both of your computers?



          Kulpreet Singh

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