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    Accidental purchase of Adobe Stock Plan one-year


      I accidentally bought the Adobe Stock Plan for one-year. I'm not able to delete it. My credit card on PayPal was expired and i couldn't paid the August invoice. I've tried to change the payment method, but without success. I could see that you charge just 1 euro on the new card I added instead of 36,59. Why? I'll paid for this month but I red in your instruction that in I've done all the payments due, I can stop my one-year subscription. Is it true? Let me know.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Holly,


          I apologize for the troubles that you're facing with the billing and subscription services here.


          I did check you account and I see that you've an active Adobe Stock subscription under the Order# ADB035669001IT which was purchased on 17 Jul 2018 and does show the billing failure in our records.


          Upon checking the billing details, I see that you're charged the pre-authorization charge for 1 EUR on 23rd August, 2018 because you'd changed the credit card and I also see that we charged you for the 36.59 EUR for your subscription on the new card.


          Let me know if you still have queries.




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