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    Hidden lightbox blocking elements behind it


      Hi all,


      I recently updated to CC2018 and have encountered a problem with an ongoing project.


      I have a couple of lightboxes that are disabled by default and only enabled by clicking on triggers. Now before the update everything worked normally and I could click on elements behind the area where the lightboxes would pop up. Now on the new version they block the elements although you can see them normally. I tried exporting with and without the lightboxes so I know it must be them.


      This is the version that still works normally: www.wattmarck.com


      and this is the new version where you can no longer click on the desktop elements behind the lightboxes: www.wattmarck.com/wip/explore.html


      The triggers are the buttons on the taskbar on the lower part of the page.


      I hope someone can help me because I have no idea about how to trubble shoot this. I'm not even sure if its connected to my upgrade to CC2018 reopening the project on a reinstalled CC2017 didnt solve the issue.


      Thank you!