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    refresh Combo Box SelectedItem

      Hello forum

      I have the following code on my first frame:

      var fields_descriptions= Array ("",
      Array("t1", "your_name", "Your Name:"),
      Array("t2", "your_email", "Your Email:"),
      Array("t3", "telephone", "Telephone:"),
      Array("t4", "message", "Message:"),
      Array("t5", "field_2", "Servicio:"),
      Array("t6", "field_3", "Address:"),
      Array("t7", "field_4", "fax:")

      var field_2=my_cb.selectedItem.label;
      // this line makes the combo box selected item to be this play on the email send.

      for (i=1; i<=fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
      this["k"+i].text=fields_descriptions [2];

      I have the following code on my second frame:

      on (release) {

      var field_2=my_cb.selectedItem.label;
      //I have the same line of code again so when the user selects the new value will be display. but it does not show the new value selected. How could I make the movie refresh her self so it could accept the new value enter?

      for (i=1; i<_parent.fields_descriptions.length; i++) {
      if (_parent[_parent.fields_descriptions
      [1]]!=undefined) {
      this[_parent.fields_descriptions [1]]=_parent[_parent.fields_descriptions[1]]"&777&"+_parent.fields_descriptions [2];


      getURL("contact."+_parent.serv, "_blank", "POST");

      for (i=1; i<_parent.fields_descriptions.length; i++) {