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    Premiere Pro 2018 (fresh instalation) - do not start (blank screen)

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      I have a new laptop and I was trying twice to run Premiere Pro.


      1) First time I downloaded Premiere Pro setup file, then, after instalation and loged-in into Adobe Cloud, I had "media pending" frozen screen.


      2) I uninstalled everything, I used Adobe Cloud Cleaner to clean it, restarted computer and...


      3) This time I downloaded Creative Cloud setup file, then after installation clicked Try on Premiere Pro, and after installation when I click open, I have a frozen window  with Adobe Premiere Pro 2018 and (black one this time) - there is a photo enclosed on the bottom of this post, when I click on the window I could hear sound like "beep". The only option to close it is a task manager.


      I am wondering now (before buying) if Adobe will work on my new laptop or is incobatibile. Or maybe when I bough it, it will start to work? But I am bit afraid, if I will buy a subscription and will have a software won't run.


      Many thanks for the answers,



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          Vylaern Level 1

          OK. Works now, what I did.


          [1] I bought a full version to check it if it works, and did not help

          [2] As I had paid access, I downgraded it to Premiero Pro 2017, and... still the same problem

          [3] I updated from Creative Cloud again to the newest version and... works now


          In the mean time in Device Manager I was trying to switch off Inter graphic device and keep only Nvidia, but there were no difference.

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