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    New Flash Player breaks all detection scripts

    symphyme Level 1
      A Flash security update asked me to install the newest Flash version today. Now, I can no longer see flash content at CNN, NBC, pretty much anywhere. If it's a site that isn't using a detection script, the flash plays fine, and if I right-click and select about, I'm running the most current version of Flash. But all sites that use detection scripts, as of today, are now broken in Internet Explorer (7).

      Oddly enough, in Firefox, it also displays Flash as the newest version, but the detection scripts still work fine.

      I've tried reinstalling, restarting, everything. No luck -- ever since that update today, my IE is flashless (except, as I said, on sites not using a detector.)

      Is this happening with a lot of people? If so, I'll need to remove all the detection scripts on all of my client sites until Adobe can fix this issue.

      Let me know!
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          symphyme Level 1
          Really? No one else has had this problem? :(
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            RossRitchey Level 4
            I have not had this problem myself, no. But, I have seen others have it.

            Most advice stems toward your ActiveX FlashPlayer being corrupt. To resolve this, first try using the official Adobe uninstaller to uninstall the flashPlayer, then re-install it. If that doesn't work, I would try deleting the folder "C:/WINDOWS/Downloaded Program Files" This folder holds all of the plug-ins you have downloaded for Internet Explorer. By deleting it, you force IE to re-download all of the plug-ins the next time they are accessed. At my job, this has solved most of the problems we have had involving the ActiveX FlashPlayer, and remains a part of our standard procedure if one person is having a problem with our flash content.

            But, you are definately not alone in this, though the problem is on your specific computer, not in the flashplayer.