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    LR won't open external editor; it creates a TIFF


      I'm using LR CC Classic (Release 7.5).


      When I edit a RAW file (or any type of file, for that matter) in LR and then attempt to send it to Photoshop for additional editing, instead of opening the file in PS (with the LR adjustments I've made), it creates a new tiff file. The new tiff file is added to LR right beside the RAW file I attempted to open, with the same name (other than the different extension because it is a tif). I cannot get LR to open an image in PS.


      The RAW file and the tiff that LR is creating can be opened in PS, but only if I go to PS and open those files from within PS.


      It does not matter if PS is running or closed when I attempt to open a file in PS from LR. The result is the same - after about 5 seconds a tiff appears in LR without it ever opening in PS.


      PS and LR were updated yesterday. All apps are up to date.


      My preferences in LR look like this:

      Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 8.25.48 AM.png

      I've been using LR since its inception and have never run into this.