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    Camera and Lens Profiles are missing

    DClark92064 Level 1

      A couple of days ago LR, PS and ACR updated.  After the update LR and PS were not operating properly.  LR could not start files in PS.  PS layers were not functioning properly.  In order to try to fix these problems I uninstalled and reinstalled LR and PS using the Adobe CC app.  Seemed to work and when  I used LR and PS it seemed to be working.  I now notice that all the camera profiles and lens profiles are missing from LR.  I looked in the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom Classic CC\Resources\ and find all the camera and lens profiles.  Don't know why the disappeared from LR, but I tried to load some lens profiles using the "Import Profiles".  Did not get an error message but when I restart LR the profiles I loaded do not appear.


      Why did all my camera profiles and lens profiles disappear?

      How do I get them back?