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    Premiere export looks faded on different monitors


      Hey brothers and sisters!

      So I have run into a pickle.


      I exported A film from Premiere using the classic export settings at 1080 and high bit rate to make it look crisp (you know how it is) and I added some LUTs as well.


      The weird part is that I have 2 displays and on one display it looks exactly how I want it but on the other one it's faded and disgusting looking. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Set the monitor somehow to sRGB and gamma 2.4, and calibrate it to Rec709 with a puck/software setup. Use ONLY color-aware apps like VLC or Potplayer for a video player, NEVER use the color-stuuuuupid QuickTime player.


          Because the problem isn't with PrPro, it's your hardware and video player and the color settings they run on.



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            rodneyb56060189 Level 4

            I built a custom made PC for editing and bought 2 HP monitors ( brand new, exact same monitors) and right out of the box they both looked 'DIFFERENT". Close, but not the same. They were NOT able to be color calibrated etc. ( at the time I couldn't afford two of those more expensive ones that could be calibrated ). So, it's really not (unfortunately) possible to compare monitors and think one is right and one is wrong, in general. Plus, everyone else in world will see your stuff on their own monitors, which won't usually be color calibrated.


            You can put color bars into each one and see what they look like ( use program monitor and reference monitor panels) but everything you do is sorta a crap shoot really.


            The best thing you can do if you can't afford more expensive monitors and color calibration stuff, is to export and deliver it ( usually it's an upload to you tube or something ). Then look at it using a color aware browser ( which at least gets close to what people SHOULD be seeing on their monitors around the world ).



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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Colorists with client-attended sessions hate when the client can see their 'confidence' monitor as well as the client's viewing monitor. "Can you make mine look like that one?"


              Well ... short answer ... no.


              Even with high-end gear, calibrated by pros with external LUT boxes and thousands of dollar spectrophotometers, um ... no.


              There'll always be some difference.


              Still, PrPro's output is pretty standard Rec709 sRGB gamma 2.4. Show that on a P3 monitor in say QuickTime player, it's gonna be flat. That you can improve if you can do something about the monitor color and the viewing app.