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    Project will NOT compile

      I have been working on a fairly large project, 361 pages. I would compile it periodicallly. Now that I am trying to re-compile it after making some changes, it will not compile. It does not give any error messages, it jsut does not complete the compilation process. Any suggestions?

      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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          From your posting in the RoboHelp for Word Forum, I'm guessing that this project may be a WinHelp project. If that's so, then it probably won't compile because you have too many pages in one Word document. I'd suggest 100 pages per document maximum or less if you have a lot of images.

          See this thread for more information:

          http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=448&threadid=10472 64

          In the future, you'll get a more accurate response by giving details about what version of RoboHelp you're using and what your output is. If the output is WinHelp, post in the WinHelp or RoboHelp for Word Forum rather than the General Discussion.


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            BlueEyes512 Level 1
            For large projects such as this one - what part of Robo would you create it in? I am only familiar with RoboHelp for Word - is there another way to create one help file which is 300+ pages?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I think the point that Cindy is making is that all your content is in ONE Word document. Better to split it into a number of Word documents in the same project. You might want to take a backup copy of your project before you do that.

              As Cindy said, we can only advise you if you give us something to work on. Are you creating winhelp, a CHM file or webhelp? Anything HTML based is best done in RH HTML but there is a learning curve. RH for Word can create those outputs and if your needs are simple, it may suit you to stick with that.