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    Just want to author a dvd  in Premiere Pro CC 2018 without encore.. can I?

    Tantroniq Level 1

      Hi all: Silly me. I took an advanced used on their word that a link from adobes site to download Encore CS would be accurate and allow me to proceed with a tutorial.


      Boy was I wrong.


      I have a finished project in Premiere. I'm a beginner user but I do have a completed project that just needs to be burned to a DVD to be played. This SHOULD be possible with CURRENT versions of Adobe products. Shouldnt it?


      Where can I find a tutorial on how to author a DVD using my current version of Premiere Pro WITHOUT having to follow non existent links to downloads to an old version of Encore?


      Tearing my hair out over here in disbelief that I cant find that information.


      Thanks in advance.