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    Flex not running on Vista!


      I've installed Flex Builder 2 on Vista (C: drive), no problem. I can launch it, but when trying to run any program, I get:

      "No Disk: Exception Processing Message 0x0000013 Parameters 0x75E5023C 0x8965AB4C 0x75E5023C 0x75E5089C"

      I have to shut Flex down in order to cancel this error message.

      I've read others' have had similar issues with Flex and Vista and have followed the advice found on these boards. For example, running the program as Admin; right-clicking the .exe Icon, selecting Properties and checking "Compatible: Windows XP Service Pack 2". Yet, still the same problem!

      Needless to say, this makes me very sad and frustrated, because I really want to work with Flex but can't seem to get it working.

      Any advice, can someone please help!?!?

      Does Adobe plan on coming out with a Flex specific Vista version, like they do for the other OSs?