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    Premiere Pro CC 2018 constantly crashing minutes after opening a project.


      Here is a short overview of the problem.


      I was currently working on my Dell laptop, editing a video for school (I'm on free trial because I can't afford Adobe products) when suddenly Premiere Pro CC 2018 decides to freeze and crash. It gave me the error report and I chose to send the crash report. I thought it was a one time thing so I restarted the software. It happened again, and again, and again, and again. I'm now writing this discussion post on my computer where at the same time I'm editing my video which was due two hours ago (thanks a lot premiere pro). The same issue still happens here!


      I used to work with a Lenovo Yoga 2 and this never happened. When I hit the 3-minute mark on the timeline, that's when everything started breaking down. I edited a 10-minute video on that Lenovo and it had 10GB of space left.


      Is there a fix to these crashes? I'm too irritated and tired to look for one, considering I have a big amount of work piled on top of me.


      Thank you!