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    Synchronize folder is adding images and folders from other drives


      I'm having a strange issue when using "Synchronize Folder" in Lightroom Classic CC (7.5 release but it did this in previous releases too).


      When I synchronize one of my folders, it searches my whole computer and all networked drives for photos and starts adding them to the catalog! In the dialog box that comes up it shows about 2811 photos to import (which would be about right), however in the import window the file count just keeps going up (I cancelled when it reached over 380,000 files to import). It does the same thing even if I choose a subfolder of this folder to synchronize.


      I have 4 folders in my catalog. They're all subfolders of the same drive and all at the same level. The other 3 folders behave normally when using Synchronize Folder and only import any new images within the selected folder or subfolders.


      I'm not sure why when I synchronize this particular folder it is bringing in extra files and folders from other drives. Shouldn't "Synchronize Folder..." only search the folder I have selected?


      Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?