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    I can't cancel my account subscription?


      I've been trying to contact the support chat page but it's always tagged as close. I'm trying to close my subscription to the service however the option seems to be non-existant for my account despite following the instructions.


      Is there any other way I could contact support directly?



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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Graphic,


          Sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the cancellation of Adobe Stock.


          I have checked your account details and noticed that you had signed up for Adobe Stock 10 images a month(one-year )plan on 22nd of July 2018 and the subscription is in a suspended state due to payment issues.


          Please note: When you subscribe to the Adobe Stock promo offer, the first month is a free trial, Adobe doesn't charge you for the 1st month; the subscription billing actually starts from the second month. If you cancel during the first month billing cycle, your credit card will not be charged and your service will continue until the end of that first month’s billing cycle. If you cancel within 14 days after the beginning of the second month’s billing cycle, you’ll be fully refunded. If you cancel the service after the 14th day after the beginning of the second month’s billing cycle, you’ll be charged 50% of your remaining contract obligation.

          You may also refer to Adobe Subscription and Cancellation Terms | Adobe for more information.


          Also check your private message for more details.