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    Random scenes


      Is there any way to make random scenes, so that a non-linear history is made?

      What i´m trying to do is to allow the user to choose different scenes in which he can go and then after he goes back to the previous scene there are some options that are not present. I will give you a detailed example of what i want to do in my project:

      The project is called "War of music" and features different battles.

      So the first scene you have three fighters. The user chooses one fighter so that he can go to the battle of that fighter. In the scene of that battle and when it finishes i want the user to go back to the scene where he chooses the three fighters so that he can choose another fighter but that scene doesn´t have the fighter used in the previous scene.

      Is there any way to do that with code, so that the scenes move randomly with the wish of the user?