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    Lightroom change color, crop, ... ,settings for photos after importing photos

    Vito Les Level 1

      I make photos with Nikon camera just fine. Than I import photos in Lightroom Classic CC and than baaam..... sliders are jumping in develop maggio and my photos are totally different now. I must change every single photo, but my work is destroyed. I can not remember all my colors from real life. Even if I re-import the already processed photos into Lightroom again, Lightroom turn them into its settings (strange settings of everything(color, crop, details,.... )), which I do not know where it is from. Previously, the program worked just normally and imported the photos as they were made.


      Second; After export I see all my photos are croped for cca 10% more than I made.

      Third: I can export photos a few times and Lightroom save all version of the same photo (dont ask if save new name or so)


      Sorry for my english