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    Navigation Button Issue

      o.k. this is the issue:

      I have a flash project that loads several swf files. The navigation is a dropdown menu system (mc) that is constant to the _root movie. Each swf file is loaded on a corresponding labeled keyframe. The drop down menu sends the user to the appropriate keyframe, and this all works fine. The issue is that you are on keyframe "overview" and you click on the "overview" button you go to the next keyframe (when you should actually just stay on that frame "overview") . I believe that this happenes because that since the playhead is actually on that keyframe it doesn't know where to go ... so it goes to the next keyframe. But how do I fix this issue.

      The existing code is simply:

      on (release) {

      I have searched the boards and haven't found a solution.

      Any help would be appreciated.