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    Importing Clips from a Continuous Shoot


      Haven't seen this question exactly addressed, and Adobe support tech couldn't help.  I shot three 50 minute segments on and SD card.  When I pulled the SD card, each segment had been broken up into roughly 11 minute segments.  Whether the Sony X150 does that or the SD card does that, I don't know.  When I open the files in Media Player it plays each clip at 11 minutes, but when I pull the clips one at a time in Adobe Premiere Pro, no matter how I'm pulling, Adobe only recognizes one file. In other words, clip 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are all identical when I pull them into Premiere same start and end point, all 50+ minutes long...just with different names.  Is there anyway to "fix" this?"  It's much easier to work with 11 minute chunks...Thank you!

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          Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere is importing the file correctly, it was originally a non-stop 50 minute take, is that correct?


          You can break that long 50 minute clip up into smaller, more manageable chunks for use in Premiere by creating Subclips from it.


          To create Subclips from a master clip:


          Take the imported 50 minute clip and load it to the source monitor.

          Now place an in point at the start of the clip. Advance the playhead in the source monitor to a point that is the duration you want the Subclip to have (in your case about 11 minutes after the in point. Place an out point at that position then go to the menu Clip > Create Subclip. Repeat this process for the rest of the clip by moving the in point of the next intended subclip to a little before the last outpoint, advance the playhead, mark the out and make the next subclip.




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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            What you're seeing is the correct behavior.  Files 1 through 5 are all part of Clip 1.


            You should be importing such media through the Media Browser, in which case you'd never even see files 2 through 5.