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    Hand tool switches to select tool


      I am perusing a document with Acrobat Pro 2017, and want to use the Hand Tool only (not the Select Tool).  When I right-click on a page, the Hand Tool option clearly shows as the selected tool.  When I actually try to click and drag, however, it switches to a Select tool.  Exactly what I don't want.


      I tried looking in the Preferences for a switch that might be responsible for this.  The only one that sounds relevant is "Make Hand tool select text & images".  However, that is unchecked.


      What else would cause this?  It doesn't normally behave like this, in my experience.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, that preference is what makes the Hand tool change into the selection tool when clicking and dragging. Unticking it works fine for me (using a different version of Acrobat, though).

          Make sure you have the Touch Mode option set to Never.

          If that doesn't work try updating the application, or run a Repair Installation from the Help menu.

          Also, what's your operating system?

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            iHeartDaDobe Level 1

            Thanks, try67!  I tried enabling "Make Hand tool select text & images", then disabling it.  From that point forward, the hand tool stayed the hand tool rather than switching to a text tool.  Why it misbehaved before enablement and disablement, I don't suppose it matters.