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    Hey Adobe, Premiere Pro has no control for ligatures...


      ... and in addition to this each of the text tools do things differently.  See attached screengrab.


      The caption tool has ligatures turned on and no option to toggle.

      The new title tools has ligatures turned on and no option to toggle.

      The Legacy Title tool has ligatures turned off and no way option to toggle.


      Here's a use case scenario:


      The Foundry Sterling font is a part of my organisations branding so must be used in this scenario, but it won't be particular to this font.

      SRT file is imported as for use in the Caption tool, but ligatures are on and some of the text instances need changing.

      The sections of text where ligatures appear must be identified amongst all the captions and deleted from the Caption tool.  Legacy title tool objects must be made to replace those instances matching size and spacing.  It starts to make the Caption tool redundant for the whole process.

      It may not be that many out of a whole video, but it's also a workaround and extra steps for something that could have the same amount of font control as say, Photoshop already has.