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    WSDL generation wizard does nothing...

      I am attempting to use the beta 3 software to connect to Exchange 2007. Unfortunately, I dont see a dialog on the WSDL wizard to enter uid & password. I presume I can simply put "https://" in the uri field (Exchange requires https) but Exchange also requires user authentication for any file it serves - this includes the crossdomain.xml and the services.wsdl (and the xsd, etc.) How can I handle the authentication piece in the Flex WSDL wizard?

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          Lăcră Ene
          Hi Chris,
          In the second step of the Import Web Service (WSDL) wizard, simply enter the URI to the wsdl file. When you hit Next, it will automatically detect if authentication is needed. If that’s the case, a dialog will pop-up asking for the authentication info so to be able to proceed with the introspection and move on to the third wizard step. Please let me know if this works for you.
          Thank you,