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    totaling line measurements



      I am hoping someone can help me with something. I have a client that takes measurements from the documents that he is provided. Is there a way to sum the measurements he has taken without exporting to CSV? I have showed him how to export his measurements to a CSV and then in excel auto sum but there is several problems.

      First problem is the delay in opening excel when the export button is clicked, I have installed a SSD but there is still a major delay.

      Second problem is there maybe several measurements taken on each document but not all need to be summed. example, 6 measurements taken, first sum needed is 1 2 and 4 second sum needed is 3 5 and 6. If you export all 6 measurements there is no reference to which measurement is which, unless you reference back to the document but that would take time. If you export it in 2 batches the delay is twice as bad and continues to get worse the more individual exports you do.

      Is there a way of using the CTRL button and selecting the required measurements and Acrobat summing them in the corner or something, similar to Excel? Or is there any other options available?


      Looking forward to your suggestions.