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    Essential Graphics and H264




      I use Adobe Premiere CC2018 (12.1.1) and I created a keyboard effect video with Essential Graphics. This video goes on top of a footage material (.MTS file) in another layer. I exported in H264 (mp4) and the video didn't exported properly. The frames at that point of the exported video are divided in 2, 3 areas and some are green and others purple. The animated text also doesn't flow as it supposed to. So, I exported just animated text form a new sequence in .mov file (with an Alpha Channel) and it was fine. The .mov video flows as it should. I then replaced the Essentials Graphics video with the new video (.mov) on the above layer of the .MTS file, but I still have the same issue, when I export in h264 (mp4). Is it nothing that I do wrong or is it a hardware issue? Can someone advise me? Thank you :-)

      PS: When I export the referring video in any other format or with another codec, it is properly exported.