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    Start Page

    Jop Smith Level 1
      I'm wanting to rename the page that my WebHelp Pro project uses as its Start Page. I've played around with a few things, but it always uses the existing page.

      Is there a 'backdoor' fix?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Look at the first field of the first page of the wizard. That is what defines the name of the start page.

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            Jop Smith Level 1
            That's for WebHelp not WebHelp Pro. WebHelp Pro only asks for an output folder.

            I think it takes the Start Page name from the name you initially use to create the WebHelp Pro project, but there must be a way to change this.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I've only got access to RH7 at the moment but the second field asks for Output Folder and Start Page.

              Have you looked along the path to see if a filename is defined?

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                HKabaker Level 2
                Peter, jop22,

                I haven't generated WebHelp Pro, but today I tested it in RH 7.

                The dialog says Output Folder and Start Page

                The default path in the dialog is ...\..\!SSL!\WebHelp_Pro

                with no launch filename specified.

                I modified it to


                as in WebHelp output, but RH made a folder called help.htm and put the output inside, so the generated path is:


                Is this normal behavior?
                Is this normal behaviour?

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                  Jop Smith Level 1
                  I'm running X5 and it only lets you select an output folder. I've checked along the path and there's no filename.

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                    Jop Smith Level 1
                    It does let you type a filename in, but all that does is create a subfolder with that name (as HKabaker has already tried). I'm sure I've seen somewhere that you can edit one of the project files to change the Start Page, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe I dreamt it!

                    Thanks for you help, I'll keep looking.
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                      RoboWizard Level 4
                      Hi jop22

                      Have you tried clicking File --> Rename Project? Perhaps that's the answer for WebHelp Pro?

                      Just a thought... Rick
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                        Jop Smith Level 1
                        Yep, tried that, but still hangs on to the same Start Page.
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                          Jop Smith Level 1
                          Hi, I've managed to work it out by a process of elimination!

                          I looked in every project file for a reference to my current Start Page. It turns out that the WebHelp Pro.ssl project file holds the filename of the Start Page. You just need to edit the DestinationProjectName line, recompile your project and hey presto!

                          Thanks for your time anyway guys.