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      I have a basic question about the onEnterFrame event handler. I understand how this code will continually repeat the output trace text:

      onEnterFrame = function () {
      trace ("onEnterFrame called");

      but why does this only output the trace text once and stop:

      onEnterFrame = RepeatFN()

      function RepeatFN() {
      trace ("onEnterFrame called");
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          you are assigning onEnterFrame to the function RepeatFN.

          onEnterFrame = function(){
          function RepeatFN(){
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            ryanc44 Level 1
            Thanks. Although I still don't understand why they wouldn't output the same result? I'm guessing my basic understanding of Actionscript/programming principles isn't sinking in...
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              Rothrock Level 5
              What I think you want is this:

              function myFunc(){
              trace("hello world");


              Notice there are no parens at the end of the onEnterFrame assignment. With the parens it is saying, "Call this function/method once and assign its return to the onEnterFrame." So if your function returned a function you would use the parens, thusly:

              function myFunc():Function{
              var myNewFunction=function(){
              trace("Crazy man.");
              return myNewFunction;


              Does that make sense?
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                ryanc44 Level 1
                Okay, that makes a little more sense to me. Out of curiosity, why would anyone use your second example? Were you just showing that to demonstrate your point, or does that have a practical application?

                Thanks for your help so far guys- this noob appreciates it :)
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                  Rothrock Level 5
                  I have no idea why you would use the second example I was more showing it as an example to show the difference using the parens makes. I'm sure there is a use, but I've never needed it.
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                    ryanc44 Level 1
                    Gotcha- thanks!