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    convert to server time is getting mixed up

      Hi my web server is in delaware USA i have a timezone converter below which is 30 mins and the year is 2006 not 2008

      any ideas why this would be and what i need to do to fix

      what i need is the equivilent server datetime for the entry of the form so the hard coded date and time below should have a serverDate of ts '2008-02-02 11:30:00' but it is {ts '2006-02-01 11:00:00'}

      any ideas?

      <cfset startday = '02/02/2006'> // format is in dd / mm / yyyy
      <cfset SMS_Time = '03:30:00'>

      setLocale("English (Australian)");
      hours=listFirst(SMS_Time,":")+listGetAt(SMS_Time,2,":")/60+listLast(SM S_Time,":")/360;