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    1120: Access of undefined property

    anney1120 Level 1
      This happend many times. I just copy and paste examples from books to learn Flash, but when I complie it, there are always error messages saying variable or property undefined. Is there some setting I need to do to avoid this? The errors and the codes are below. Thank you so so so much and happy New Year!

      1120: Access of undefined property of timeTxt
      1120: Access of undefined property of callBtn


      var phpFile:String= " http://www.love2earth.com/flashTest/exampleConn.php";

      function callServer (e:MouseEvent): void
      var urlRequest:URLRequest= new URLRequest (phpFile);

      var loader:URLLoader= new URLLoader();
      loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, serverResponse);

      function serverResponse (e:Event):void
      var loader:URLLoader= URLLoader(e.target);
      var variables:URLVariables= new URLVariables (loader.data);

      callBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, callServer);