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    Workflow for editing on the go?




      First post here. Hoping someone can help me with my workflow for editing on the go. Basic set-up as follows:

      1. Shoot in RAW

      2. Transfer from Camera to iPad and rate and edit in LR Mobile (basic only) - these files seem to be JPGs rather than RAW

      3. Get home and upload my RAW files to desktop

      4. Drag my Mobile catalog images (JPGs) into RAW then stack by capture time.


      What I *want* to do is:

      1. Copy my ratings from the JPGs to RAWs

      2. Copy my edits from JPGs to RAWs


      (I then want to delete the JPGs).



      1. Is there a way to not have my RAWs converted to JPGs when importing into LR Mobile?

      2. Assuming there isn't, is there a quick way to bulk copy ratings and/or edits from JPGs to RAWs? (NB: filenames are different)

      3. Also assuming there isn't, I notice that copying adjustments from JPG to RAW seem to give very different results colour-wise - seemingly due to white balance and colour profile? Is there any way to "preserve" the RAW colour profile when the file is converted to JPG?