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    Gamma Shift problems


      When editing in Premiere, the color of my video looks the way it's supposed to. When viewing the video on VLC player, after exporting, it also looks the way it's supposed to. However when I watch the video using Quicktime or upload to Vimeo or YouTube, the color appears faded and washed out. Apparently, this is a common problem known as gamma shift.


      Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.35.05 PM.png

      Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 2.08.29 PM.png

      As you can see above, the images on the left are what I'm seeing in Quicktime, Vimeo and YouTube, while the images on the right are how it appears in Premiere and VLC player. The right is how they're supposed to look.


      My biggest issue here is that I need to find a certain type of preset or export setting within Premiere that assists in this or works around it entirely. I imagine that the issue here is compression (as Premiere and VLC aren't showing a compressed version of the video, therefore the colors remain the same). If anyone could assist me in finding an solution to this problem, please let me know.


      I've research a ton of forums, have spoken to Adobe/Vimeo/YouTube and have exported using many different settings, sequences and even projects to no avail.


      Thank you.

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          How it looks on a calibrated display from a hardware player is the only method you can use to accurately judge the signal.


          How it looks anywhere else is beyond your control.

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            chrisw44157881 Level 4

            you can try the youtube re-touch trick.


            1. edit/retouch the video but save without actually doing any retouching, within a couple hours YouTube does the second re-encode step and their video now shows with proper dynamic range & gamma.




            2. or burn in a youtube lut for instant feedback.

            64 cube iridas lut for burning in darker 16-235 from 0-255 for youtube upload. it darkens image, then youtube re-

            lightens again.


            it doesn't work with adjustment layers directly

            you have to use it in the dropdown for the export in adobe media encoder. or you can NEST it first.

            its a premiere bug.


            also it needs to be copied in both premiere-lumetri-technical and adobe media encoder-lumetri-technical