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    Premiere changes all my titles to a different font.

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      I have an on-going funeral slide show that I started 5 years ago. It has about 100 slides with titles I made in the old titler. I'm using Premiere 15.3 because my Matrox capture box isn't supported by any newer version.  I recently opened the files to add some new slides and noticed that every single title had changed, in all my saved sequences, from Times New Roman to Courier New. I don't know why this happened but I had to go in, slide by slide, and change the font back to Times New Roman, a real pain in the butt.


      Now I open the same files two months later and notice that all 100 slides have changed the fonts back to Courier New again. Why is Premiere doing this--just to drive me crazy?  Is there some way I can change all 100 slides back to Times New Roman in batch form, or must I go in and change them one slide at a time again!


      How can I make Premiere leave my font choice alone and not change it back to Courier New?  Please help if you can. This is not fun editing any more.