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    Need Help Bad!!

      Hey, my Development Team and I are working on a small, open world game. But we are having a real problem and my Environmentalist and I cant work it out. Basically we are trying to export our latest build of our open-world town as a w3d file, when we try to export it we keep getting a couple of errors, which is usual for early builds, so we carry on and try and import it into Director MX 2004, but when we try and import it Director just fatal errors. Every single time. The error is this:


      // Error:

      outputNodePalette error: IFX_E_INVALID_RANGE


      Like I say, none of the lads have a clue, so hopefully someone on these forums has an idea!

      Thanks for any and all help,

      DickSquad Development Team.
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          In neither of the places you posted this question did you point out
          which tool you are using for modelling - this is probably useful
          information for anyone who knows their way around the w3d sdk (which you
          could download and poke around in for yourself)
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            It may also be useful to know what errors you are getting when you
            export the w3d from your 3d program. There should not be any errors, so
            addressing those would likely help you fix the ultimate problem.
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              Necromanthus Level 2
              To Sean and Mike:
              Looking at his error messages, I bet it's MAYA.

              To DickSquad:
              Pay attention to materials and their names, geometry (convert everything into editable meshes before exporting, except bones & skin or physique modifiers, of course) and do NOT try to export any kind of particle or environment effect.
              Unfortunately there're many other "rules" if you want to export W3D files properly.