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    Custom components in design view

      I am at the beginning of scoping a large web application with Flex, which in all likelihood will be made up of many custom components (both MXML and AS classes).
      My question is, if a component is not derived from an existing control, is there any way to create a base preview of that component when dragging and placing it into design view?
      For example, I created a temperature monitoring control that is derived from Canvas - basically because I just wanted a blank, uh, canvas to draw the graphics on. But dragging this new control onto the design page just shows an empty box.

      Obviously if I create a lot of the UI with custom components like this I won't be able to see what I am doing!

      Is there a way for me to draw the default look of the control when placing it into design view? How does Flex Builder draw the design-mode/default look of the built-in controls, like buttons or datagrids? Even just a static GIF or PNG image would be helpful to see where I am placing things.