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    Performance Gains!

    JBedfordPhoto Level 1

      Hey everyone, I thought I'd share a tweak I made to get some noticeable gains in performance.


      As always, I've been using two SSDs (one for catalogs, one for cache/previews), external drives, smart previews, 4K monitor, 32GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit, i7 4770K, GTX 1070. Until now, LR had been excruciatingly slow switching between Library and Develop, and loading the images (I shoot both Canon 22.1MP RAW images and Fujifilm 24MP compressed RAW files, the latter take a little longer to load, presumably due to the de-compression).


      In any case, LR was still slow despite all the horsepower. Today I went into the Windows menu for Graphics Settings/Graphics Performance Preferences and browsed for 'classic app', Lightroom.exe and under the 'option' button, set it to High Performance. I've noticed a speed increase while in the Develop module switching between images and while making adjustments too.


      Try it out and let me know if you find a boost too. LR 7.5


      Hoping this isn't an anomaly...



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          joefry99 Adobe Community Professional

          I just tried this on my older Win10 chugger and while I haven't done any editing yet, I think I'm seeing some marginal speed improvements - nothing spectacular, could be psychological, but clearly not worse than prior. I hope others will report in on this. You might try switching it back after working with it a bit, as a test.

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            KR Seals Level 3

            I am trying it. However, I have a new build I7 8700k, NVMe SSD, 64GB ram and GTX 970 so it's already pretty responsive.

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              Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

              I've checked the setting that you have mentioned. My Lightroom version runs slower and more unstable than without this adjustment.

              My system: i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, Quadro 2000K, two SSDs (one for operation system and programs, one for the LR catalog and previews), Windows 10 (latest version), Lightroom Classic CC (7.5)


              I've been switched back to the original settings and my LR is working fine again.