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    WebService with subclassed objects

    Ugo Ducharme Level 1

      I am calling a web service (written in java using CXF/JAXB) in flex with an operation that takes an object as parameter. On the java side, this object is an instance of a subclass of an abstract class (Let's call the abstract class A and the subclass B). In flex, I have the same class hierarchy (B extends A).So, I pass an instance of B as the operation's parameter but the XML serialization mechanism inside the WebService object don't indicate that the parameter is an instance of B (normally it would be indicated using the xsi:type attribute).

      Does that mean that class hierarchies are not supported as parameters? Is there a way to indicate the object's xsi:type to help the XML serializer? Is there a good documentation or a book that deeply explain how the serialization process works (how does the ActionScript objects are converted to XML)?