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    I want to sync selected albums to my local drive


      Hi Everyone,


      This is a great community to learn about Lightroom and find quick answers to common problems. Thanks everyone for making Lightroom great again !


      I wanted to get some opinion on my workflow with Lightroom + Lightroom Classic. When I do a photo shoot, I usually upload my pictures into Lightroom mobile using my ipad immediately. Lightroom mobile is great for making a lot of quick edits. But obviously it doesnt have HDR and panorama for which I need to use Lightroom classic. So I need to then go my desktop, open my lightroom classic and wait for it to sync all the pictures. I have about 200 GB of pictures in and I dont want lightroom to sync all the pictures to my desktop when all i want is for it to sync one album. The main reason is that my desktop has only 256gb on my SSD drive (plus 1 TB on a regular HDD).


      So is it possible to sync selected albums to my desktop and ignore the rest ?


      Thanks a lot