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    10 free stock images - will I pay or not the monthly 29.9 euro fee?

    kk64 Level 1

      Hi, I have the Adobe CC licence and I'we seen that I can get 10 Adobe Stock images for free. So I've downloaded one image and Adobe sent me a following invoice:



      Adobe Stock 10 images/month (for one year) - Euro 29.9 /month

      Subtotal Euro 0,00/month

      Vat Euro 0,00/month

      Today's total payment: Euro 0,00/month


      I understand that I will not be charged, but as I cannot be 100% sure, could please somebody explain me what happens? Will I pay 29.9 or not?


      PS: I now received a message from my bank that I've been charged for 1 euro. Why?


      Thank You