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    Can't Download Preview Image / Vectors only

    GraphicalError Level 1

      I am having trouble today downloading preview images. Specifically the preview images for vectors. Logged in as usual and I cannot get the download to initiate. I have it to ask me where to save it before saving when using both Firefox and Chrome. It says your download will start shortly and then nothing happens. I have allowed cookies and am not blocking popups. I usually don't allow cookies and have never had a problem in the past. But since I am having a problem I allowed cookies but still nothing. If I choose photo instead of vector I can download the preview images no problem Cookies off and pop-ups blocked. But not Vector preview images.


      I suspect this is an Adobe issue so I don't know how much help I will get from the community. This was my only option for support contact that they gave me for this. So Hopefully someone from Adobe will chime in. I am assuming that they are having issues with their site. But it would be reassuring to know that for sure.


      I have a lot of projects going and I have an Abodestock subscription with images waiting to be downloaded. I always use adobe for stock images and now I am getting frustrated. If I cannot download the preview image of a vector then I cannot use Adobestock. I don't dare download the actual image until the client signs off on it. I can't just wait around for this to be fixed so now I will be forced to start looking at other stock site. I have a few I used to use a while back but adobe blew them away. However now Adobe has blown me back to them. If this keeps up then Adobe will be useless to me for stock images and my ability to keep client work flowing. Therefore the next guy will win just based on reliability. Time is money and I've wasted too much already trying everything just to get a stupid preview image to download. Thanks for your time!