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    Freezing on rendering/playback

    Villegas Media



      The best way I can explain it is like this:


      Anytime I mess with the "Program Monitor" it freezes but I can move the timeline around. I can select different LUTs. I can even change different effect controls. Basically everything else is functional. Except the Program Monitor and the Source Video Monitor. Those refuse to do any kind of playback.


      BUT once I try to render the video by pressing enter on the timeline I can't do ANYTHING. Everything freezes up on me.


      I was so close to finishing this video so if anyone has any kind of advice for me I would love to hear it!


      Hope this all makes sense.



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          Kristian Gabriel Adobe Community Professional

          Video card issues like corrupted or outdated drivers or even corrupted frames/codecs can cause this issue. You might need to update your video card or reinstall new drivers. The displays in Premiere can be choking on corrupted frames which can be caused by many things like hard drive issues as well. Your media might play perfectly in other applications even with corruption and then crash within Premiere. Not saying this is the issue, but this can happen. I've seen it. Here are some things to try:


          • Clear all cache in PREFERENCES > MEDIA CACHE
          • Double-Check Memory setting in PREFERENCES > MEMORY (make sure memory assignments are correct)
          • Update your Video Drivers. If you already have, you might need to roll your video drivers to a older version
          • Check the health of your media drive.
          • Turn Off GPU in FILE > PROJECT SETTINGS > GPU RENDERER ( Select Software Only)
          • Re-Install Premiere using Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool --Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

          Good luck!

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            Villegas Media Level 1

            Thank you Kristian!


            After clearing all the cache everything appears to be working!  Saved me a lot of trouble.






            spoke to soon. as soon as i made this reply I went to try again and its back at it!

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              Vidya Sagar Adobe Employee

              Hi Villegas Media,


              Have you tried the other steps recommended by Kristian Gabriel? Please let us know the status.