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    Incomplete Exports When Exporting Multiple Batches of Images from Lightroom At The Same Time


      From time to time, I clean cull my images from Lightroom Classic and I export large batches of big raw files from my iMac desktop computer to external hard drives.

      Each batch is anywhere from 15-300 images and they are sent over to specified folders on the external drive.

      Lightroom allows me to export more than one batch at a time--and so, I may have 2 or 3 export "operations in progress" at the same time.

      But I've just realized that unless I send over one batch at a time, I run a very high risk of having an incomplete export.

      For instance, the first batch of exports may be 237 images, and a few minutes later, I will set up and send the second batch of 55 images. When I check to be sure the 237 and the 55 made it over to the external hard drive, I likely will find that only 80 or 90 of the 237 were exported.... and the same may be true for the 55 images.

      So, is LR not capable of carrying out both export operations at the same time?

      If that's the case, these periodic exports will take me a long, long time.

      Thank you,