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    Random "swapping" of audio in clips on timeline


      Hello all


      I'm editing on a Mac a feature film project with a lot of rushes saved on an external hard drive.


      2 days ago, when I was working on t, I realise that audio from some clips in the timeline suddenly became audio from other random clips.

      When I open previous projects using the exact same clips, the audio of these clips in previous timelines have also been mysteriously "swapped".

      When I try to re-import the relevant footage from the source, the same issue occurs in these clips.


      Strangely enough, I can solve the problem by restarting Premiere Pro (sometimes). But this audio "swap" then happens to other clips.


      I've always only copied and saved rushes from the original SD cards onto the external hard drive (using unique names of course). The footage are all shot in AVCHD so there are no MTS files in the SD cards to pull and save (not that I would have done so even if there were).


      Can you please help?


      Thank you!