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    So Sick of the Error Compiling Movie bug...

    JazzMac251 Level 1

      ...I could scream and throw my computer across the room.
      Render Fail.JPG




      Rendering Error.JPG


      4k timeline, RED preset seq (though my footage is XAVC-S 4k), previews are set to render as MPEG1080p, i.e. default settings. All I'm trying to do is render previews so I can evaluate my project, but this error keeps occurring. It seems semi-random and I've come up with semi-solutions accordingly.


      1) Once the error occurs, it happens at the same frame of the same clip repeatedly. The render will go very quickly, then slow down, the PP will become unresponsive and stop using any appreciable amount of system resources, then I get one of the errors above or PP just crashes. As mind-blowingly stupid as this sounds, changing the in/out points to surround ONLY the clip I'm trying to render a preview of rather than several clips or the whole project solve the issue about 50% of the time.

      2) If the above doesn't work, changing some arbitrary attribute in the clip's Effects panel some random amount will either a) solve the issue, or b) cause the beloved error to pop up somewhere else during the clip render.


      I've been searching the forums. This issue is years old. Are they just not going to fix it? "Render with your CPU" is not a legitimate answer. It's frankly insulting.


      Honest question, is Davinci Resolve more functional on PC? The constant slew of critical issues I run into with this software is nothing short of professionally debilitating. You're going to run into issues with any professional software, naturally. But, I spend a serious chunk of time every day - hours - just trying to get Premiere's basic functions to work reliably. That's just not sustainable.


      It seems to me that if all you're trying to do is a quick cut and grade on a few clips, Premiere is great. But, as soon as you really start to try to push some creative limits and stretch out with the software, it's going to come crashing down on you. The fact that I'm seeing the same complaints about debilitating render issues that go back years is really disheartening.