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    Trial install failure to work

    HarryPutnam Level 1
      Has any help beyond `contact adobe' been provided here concerning the problems people have encountered where after installing the trial Captivate 3 it fails to work in trial mode?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          That is a problem, Harry, because Adobe *official* care does not extend to Trial versions, so you are pretty much left on your own. I would start with the assumption that your machine meets minimum requirements ( click here to view minimums), and assume something might have corrupted your download.

          That said, my next step might be to go to Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs) and remove Captivate 3 from your system (if it is even there), discard the download you now have, and start from the beginning, downloading a new copy of the executable. The link to Captivate 3 download is right here.

          As a late thought, I may be tilting at windmills ... you said *it fails to work in Trial mode* and I assumed you mean that it won't open at all. Is that the case, or what other symptom are you seeing???

          Thanks much, and welcome to the Captivate User community!!
          ~ best to you ~