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    Duplicates detection problem - filename with accents




      I've found a bug in Lightroom Classic, including the newest version. I'm using Windows 10.

      I've tried to find any report form but without success. I've tried to contact Adobe (chat), but I've been told to reinstall lightroom, reset preferences, install older version and more like an idiot.

      Please don't tell me that accents are special characters and software can't handle them. We are in unicode world and any char is easy to handle.


      So what's the problem?

      Duplicates detection is not working well for images with uppercase accent letters in the filename and it will import the same images multiple times. Detection is working fine with lowercase accent letters in the filename.

      I've tried "synchronize folder" and if there is any new image, it will import the image and than every image with uppercase accent letter... Usual import dialog has the same problem.


      How to reproduce?

      Let's have any image in LR catalog. Rename to Á.jpg. Click on Import. Choose directory which contains this image and check "don't import duplicates". This image with uppercase accent letter will be imported anyway.


      Which characters?

      I've tried "Á, Č, Ě", but there will be much more letters.Probably from other languages too... See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_orthography#Alphabet