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    Acrobat DC 18.011.20058 -- Frequent crashing, and frequent hidden dialog requiring me to kill process

    jaggedpeak Level 2

      Starting in the past few weeks, I've been having a lot of trouble with Acrobat Pro DC (18.011.20058).



      - While marking up a pdf with comments, when I have two or more windows open to different pdfs, Acrobat will simply fail, no error message. Typically happens when I alt-tab into one of them.

      - Equally frequently, I'll have several windows open, with multiple tabs in each. Then I'll go to do some action (could be opening up a pdf from an email attachment, or alt-tabbing into one of the windows from another application, etc.) and I'll get a 'chime' noise when I try to click on anything in Acrobat. Obviously Acrobat has given focus to a dialog, but it's not one visible to me on either of my displays. I've seen some threads about similar issues with Premiere Pro, but have no idea how to address this issue with Acrobat.


      Both of these issues are causing me a lot of grief -- I'm doing frequent saves (as in I'm saving almost every time I make *any* changes, after each change) so have not lost much work, but 'recovering' the interrupted trains of thought is a massive time-waster.


      Has anybody else encountered these issues recently?