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    Image information and part of catalog info gone after Update

    Dicethrow Films Level 1

      For the past year, I have been working to reorganize my photography catalog, get the folder structure right and add proper metadata and keywords.


      Today I decided to update LR to its latest iteration. Unfortunately, this somehow caused all of the folders that I had restructured (renamed and rearranged) since 2011 go missing. When I tried to import the folders again, LR said that I already have all the files imported, however, they are not in the catalog location that they're supposed to be in, and no keywords appear added to them.


      Thankfully I had backed up the catalog on the 27th, so I used that catalog file and now it seems I've only lost my metadata and folder structure for 2016 until the present, but that is still damn annoying.


      Any ideas why the update messed up my working catalog and if there could be any chance of not having to go through 2 years of photos & metadata?


      Seriously, Adobe makes me dread any and all updates. Eh...


      Thanks for any responses!