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    Problems after migration of catalog to new hardware


      Hi All,


      I recently moved to a new Mac. I have copied all photos and the catalog files to the same location on the new Mac as with the previous Mac. Opening Lightroom and the catalog showed no problem.


      However when I want to generate a panorama, the message "Stacks cannot contain photos that are stored in different folders." appears although the files are in the same folder. The panorama DNG files is created but not shown in the library.

      Then I tried a "synchronize folder" and Lightroom showed all files of the folder for import. I did this once, however this just erased all previous work on the files. Lightroom imported the files in the same folder but showed it at the top level of the library hierarchy. When I now move the folder to the original location in the library (and thus in the file system), Lighroom indicated that the files are already at this location. Which is true.


      When I re-synchronize the folder and use "Show missing photos", all photos of the folder are shown as missing. However when checking for missing files, Lightroom confirms that there are no missing files.


      How can I solve this issue without loosing all work on the files? I could also re-do to migration, however what would be the way avoid the problem?