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    Syncing catalog

    martinb47222207 Level 1

      So I have a LR catalog on my work PC which is synced to my CC account and I want to access this catalog's content on my other devices at home, is this possible to do without having a backed up catalog file?


      If it is possible then how do I do it?


      I am using LR classic on all the devices I want to do my editing on.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When using Lightroom Classic CC, you can create collections of images and choose to synchronize those collections with Lightroom CC (the cloud-based Lightroom). Then those collections can be accessed from your mobile devices and other computers. But your entire catalog cannot be accessed or shared automatically. It is only those collections that you have chosen to be shared. Be aware that the images that will be shared will NOT be the full-sized images, but will be smart previews. They will be big enough to see and to edit, and the edits that you perform on other devices will be applied to the master images. But the only place that you will have the master images will be on your main computer. The big advantage of this type of workflow is that the smart previews will not impact your cloud storage allotment.

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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

            Everything JimHess said is correct. I just want to add, so that it is really clear - there is NO possible way to use Lr Classic on multiple devices for synced content. You can use Lr Classic on ONE device and sync images to the Lr eco-system from that catalog (like Jim explained). Then you can edit those images with Lightroom CC on your other devices, including mobile ones.

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              martinb47222207 Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. It's a bit crap that it works that way but I guess I need to choose my main device then use Lr CC on the others.