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    LR Classic reports synched, but images not available online

    aafisher Level 1

      I did have LR Classic synching working perfectly for several months. Then I replaced my main workstation, and now it has stopped. All my images are available from my new workstation from a huge RAID volume. Everything works fine. But it will no longer sync new files.


      From Preferences > Lightroom Sync, it correctly reports that I am connected to my Adobe user account. Under Sync Activity, it reports (0 Uploading, 0 Downloading, 0 Pending): No sync activities.


      Yet in my Collections pane, the most current collection reports 910 images, and it's set to sync. When I access my account online or from my LR phone app, that collection reports only 525 images.


      There's also an error for one of the images, asking me to reconnect my old workstation, which I no longer own.


      I've tried changing the collection in question from sync to not sync, then changing it back. When I do, there's no activity, and no new images appear online.


      I also checked my storage limit. Online, it reports: No sync activity. 11MB of 100GB used. However, it seems like the visual line-indicator shows that it's almost full; it's hard to tell. I have 5769 images synched, so I highly doubt it's only using 11MB. Maybe there's only 11MB left; that would seem to be more logical, but that's not what it says, and nowhere does it say I'm out of space. It's hard to believe that the visual indicator of space usage is only one pixel thick. I really can't tell how much space is left by looking at it.