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    Manually adding geotags in LR Classic 7.5 hardly works anymore

    joopvde Level 1

      I have a DSLR camera Sony A77 Mk II. It doesn't support GPS. Therefore I need to add the tags manually in LR maps mode. For 2 years this worked fine, but returning from my vacation with 700 photos, August 2018, it becomes ever more difficult to place the geotags on the map. For most (raw) photos I have to click about 5 times before it "catches", sometimes even 10 times. Now I have some tags that won't be placed at all.

      I tried all 3 types of adding geotags: dragging photo(s) to a location, right click and select "Add GPS coordinates to selected photos", as well as control-click on a location when a photo or photos are selected. My OS is Windows 10, I do my Windows updates always (automatically), also for LR.

      This is very annoying, I managed to tag 300 photos so far, but I still have 400 to go.

      Any ideas how to remedy this? Thanks!